NY Finger Lakes Log Home

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In 2016, I was asked by a log home manufacturer from Canada to be their local builder; and, I accepted because the economy in the US was at a standstill, especially for the construction industry. After a while, they had a job in the New York Finger Lakes area. It was 8 hours away. I would go out for 2 weeks at a time, hated the travel, and struggled to be away from my family. But, it was actually a wonderful experience building this home. I loved the challenge. I was able to find some local guys that all brought different talents to the table and hired them individually as my crew. They did excellent work. I was very lucky to have them. All jobs bring out unique challenges, and I worked hard for the owner and finished this house to his overwhelming satisfaction. The owner finished all of the trim, porch railings, and the interior himself, which was the intent, to begin with. I don’t have finished photos for that reason. I show this photo collection here as it represents the high level of craftsmanship necessary to build a distinctive log home.


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Finger Lakes Log Home is a home that is made of pure wood like a modern style of house that is purely made of wood that is designed for people who want to use native materials but a modern designed house. This house is good and unique looking, and it’s located near the lakes.


Lakes is a pristine, crystal clear lake and very special to those of us who live and work here.  When out on the lake look in almost any direction and you will see mountains, Red Hill, the Sandwich Range, Rattlesnake Mountain, and more. In the fall, with the changing color of the leaves, it is spectacular.

Come explore our extensive hiking trails and gorgeous views from our mountain tops.   There are beaches you can hike into and take a swim! In spring, summer, and fall enjoy kayaking, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, fishing, and swimming on Squam. In winter enjoy cross country skiing on the many trails throughout the area. Downhill skiing is a short drive to Waterville Valley, Cannon, and Gunstock.

In winter you can even get your fresh fish from the lake by ice-fishing (don’t forget your fishing license).  You can see iceboats, if weather conditions are right, on Squam and surrounding lakes and ponds. Therefore, food is not an issue because if you will just work for it you will get food for free of materials, it can only cost you your labor or work.

Also having this home is very beneficial to those people who already retired, because this kind of house and place could bring peace to them because according to research living here with the calm waters will give us a deep calm conscience and it can help us depression too. We can also meditate here because of its quietness, we can hear nature.

It is also recommended to live here is that if you want to put up a business like for example a restaurant, it will be very feasible because, lakes are considered to be a tourist spot, therefore, you can make a good profit out of it; and when talking about profit, this is very profitable because there are fewer competitors or sometimes no competitors at all, so it is somehow like a monopoly, so you will be providing to all the markets in that area.

Most of the advantages of owning a lake home are glaringly obvious, while some aren’t as easy to spot at face value.

First, mortgage costs–which are typically fixed-rate payments–are more stable and predictable than rental rates, which are known to fluctuate. Additionally, buying is often cheaper than renting.

When making the switch from renting to owning, the average person adds one bedroom and 400 square feet to their home, according to Zillow’s 2017 Consumer Housing Trends Report.

Assuming they make a 20 percent down payment and a typical monthly rate, the average renter could buy a larger home and still pay $330 less each month on their mortgage than if they were renting.


Finger lake log home is a kind of house that is made of pure wood but modern design, like a bungalow but the bigger style and spacious, it has a very unique style; while the regular houses usually its all concrete, usual house (not unique), and it is bigger to look at the outside, but smaller in the actual size when you go inside.

Finger lake log homes are also more on native design, as we have observed if we see in the actual picture of the house it is more on ancient designs, and too woody, the traditional design of the house; while the Regular houses are more on modern designs that usually it has finishing touches, it is smooth looking, it is more on the advance technology design.

In terms of ventilation, the Finger lakes log homes is colder naturally due to the materials being used in building the house, with the natural air coming from the lake and trees, you can live in it without any electric fans and air-conditioners; while at any Regular houses, it is hotter, depending on how concrete it is, so, in living at this house we need an electric fan and air-conditioner. So, therefore, it is healthier to live in a Squam lake custom house because we can receive fresh air by living here.


As with any home, ownership of a lake home does come with its disadvantages.

For starters, owning a home is essentially growing roots. It ties you to your community and makes it difficult to just pick up and leave.

This long-term financial commitment includes high up-front costs like down payments, closing costs, and moving expenses. Plus, in many cases Home Owners’ Association fees are inevitable.

It’s also harder to qualify for a loan on a second home than on a primary residence. Those shopping for secondary residences are often expected to have higher credit scores and put more money down.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the higher down payments reduce the lenders’ risk if the borrower defaults, which are seen as more likely with, second homes.

Another disadvantage: as a homeowner, all repairs and maintenance responsibilities fall on you.

And lake homes tend to require more frequent repairs and maintenance. Since lakes are usually surrounded by more trees than the average neighborhood, structural damage to roofs/buildings are a real threat.

Lake homeowners also have to fight against mold and mildew, which is more prevalent thanks to all the moisture in the air.

In addition to all of that, traditional wooden docks tend to have a lifespan of 20-25 years. This can be shortened in the face of environmental factors like storms or water damage, so frequent upkeep is a necessity.