Beautiful Modular Home in NH

For this house, after the modular units came out, we installed a front entry and a pantry door and other misc details in the interior. We framed the garage and attached mudroom, front porch, large rear deck, and a screened porch as well in the field.  The front porch has 3 pillar bases with a thin veneer stone face.  The roof is a standing seam metal roof and this of course was also done in the field.  There is a stand by generator should power go out.  We put an extra beam and joists 12″ on center under half of the screened porch to support a large hot tub. Siding is vinyl D5 clapboards accented with 7: board and batten.

From the customer

You absolutely will not find a better contractor than Larry Kill. He works with some of the finest subcontractors in the area. His immediate staff are just the nicest, most hardworking guys you’ll ever meet.

Larry’s honesty and integrity are second to none. He was not the first person we sought to build our house, but I can tell you, I thank God we found him! If we had chosen the first company, I have no doubt we would not be moving in this week.

You can probably tell that I cannot say enough good things about him! You will not be disappointed! He put up with this very picky individual like a champ!!

Bob & Wendy Cruz