Why Modular Homes Is the Right Vacation Home for You

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Homebuyers interested in owning a vacation home may want to consider opting for modular houses. They serve as an affordable option for people looking for a place to stay during the summer, holidays, or any time they wish to get away.

Besides having a primary home, it’s an excellent idea to invest in a vacation home to have another place to call your own, where you and your family can visit depending on the season. Unfortunately, due to the significant expenses you can expect to face, the costs could convince you to just stick to renting homes for the holidays.

But because of the innovation surrounding modular properties, it’s now possible to afford your dream vacation house by sticking to a budget and still acquiring the design you want. Keep reading below to learn reasons why it’s time to take a closer look at modular houses.

They are Different from Manufactured Homes

Plenty of homebuyers make the mistake of thinking the terms manufactured or mobile is the same as a modular home. While they have similar features, they are still considered different. A modular house is formed in a factory and handled in parts before it is sent to a building site.

From there, the modular home is placed on a firm foundation before it is assembled accordingly. Meanwhile, a manufactured home is a complete unit built on a steel frame that you can choose to move from one point to another, depending on your situation.

If you own a mobile home or other kinds of manufactured homes, you only need to oblige to the national HUD code. But if you have a modular home, you must adhere to all building codes, including state, regional, and local, and you must hire local building inspectors.

They are Affordable and Faster to Build and Finish

When you choose an affordable modular home as your desired vacation home, you can look forward to using it much sooner than owning a manufactured home and at a lower price. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing weather conditions at the site because the house will be accomplished in a factory that provides protection all year round.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about disruptions with your contractor’s schedule. Since the foundation of a modular vacation home will be prepared at the site on a separate day, the work can take a couple of months until it’s considered complete and you can start moving in.

Due to factory construction solutions, you don’t have to think about expensive labor costs, and instead, you can see to it that the quality of a modular home remains great through the entire process. In addition, you can benefit from a brand new and long-lasting vacation home that you and your family can enjoy for the years to come. 

They are Created in Various Designs and Functions

Besides the affordability of a modular vacation home, you can select from an array of designs that involve classic to modern solutions, depending on your preference. When you hire a reliable house building contractor, they can sometimes change what’s in their catalog and cater to the design you want.

Whether you want a unique interior or exterior design, professionals can customize a modular home to meet your needs and build the house where you wish to spend most of your vacation. Whether you plan to position your modular home by the beach, lake, or countryside, a contractor can make a vacation home that perfectly matches the setting.


Modular vacation homes are the modern-day solution to owning a holiday house that lets you stick to your budget, design preferences, and desired timeline. They are different from manufactured homes, are affordable and faster to build and finish, and are created in various designs and functions. If you’re sure about your plans, the next thing you should do is hire a custom home builder to start turning your dream home into a reality. 

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