Staged the spec house with furniture

Staged the spec house with furniture. Open houses the next few weekends

Kill Mountain Building Co.'s photo.
Kill Mountain Building Co.'s photo. Kill Mountain Building Co.'s photo. Kill Mountain Building Co.'s photo.

In the course of a few years, spec homes designing and decorating has been revolutionized in such a way by Kill Mountain Building Company. It paved a lot of amazing new avenues for homeowners in garnering a safe space to call home.

As we continue to step up, love, and revolutionize our work and our current patrons and homeowners in providing an ambient living space there’s really a beautiful something about decorating spec homes that tickles the interests in people. And we believe this has something to do with our creativity which helps draw the essence of homes and eventually intrigues prospective home buyers towards the house that they’re meant to purchase that fits their criteria of a decent home.

It is no-brainier, fully-decorated model houses that draw us in as if we have been transported to our dream house wherein every square inch is purposely crafted to suit the magnificence of the owners.

Two of the main beneficial take away from buying a spec home are away faster and efficient way to move-in, and the other is to see exactly what the home looks like before purchasing it. The important key factor in highlighting new spaces is innovative home staging.

Because here at Kill Mountain Building Company we have helped set the landscape at several area spec homes to bring to the table the lifestyle offered in a specific community. The team envisions how buyers are likely to want to live in these homes. And home staging helps potential consumers attach to the property and more like making an offer out of it and proceed to the mission in providing beautiful spaces and transforming it to tailor fit the need and preference of the potential costumers.  

When staging a spec home, our team of researchers finds out who the potential buyer is likely to be by classifying the buyer whether they are a family, retirees, young professionals, or couples, in order to find accessories and furniture that will best suit the taste of that particular lifestyle so that they may be able to grow into the home with the same amount of emotions carried by the way of living into the new space.

One of our main goals is to bring the family together where they can say “With a kitchen like this I will be able to cook amazing food for the family!” or “Can you imagine with an amazing finished basement like this Sunday afternoon football parties would be much more enjoyable!” or even, “With an office like such organizing things are much easier and work from home and productivity are well utilized.”

Now talking about planning the staging process, we take into consideration highlighting more than one-floor plan to draw in a variety of potential buyers, most especially if the developers cater multiple flooring plans to choose from. Most of the time smaller floor plans will be staged for a single professional or a couple, on the contrary, bigger floor plans are more likely to be for family staging.

It is in common knowledge that people are more likely to purchase a house which draws a lot of emotional attachment to them, a place wherein they would see themselves settled for good in the coming years, a house that is cozy for winter seasons, and our home builder exactly does the same in putting the family as a center for the craftsmanship.

Our team builders make an original approach when it comes to looks and feels, whether it be style, age appeal, and color palette. And we take into consideration a distinct element that distinguishes the room of each property to draw the buyers’ attention to the details of the elements presented.

Even though commonly most spec homes are fully complete when it comes to amenities and features some builders do offer a few finishing options for personalization and optimization in spaces they feel like. This offers buyers a set of choices of how they like it and how much they want to spend for it to make sure they would be comfortable with how it is handled, rather than setting a base price and letting buyers choose how much they want to increase their budget with the upgrades.

As one of the crucial elements, the furniture is given utmost importance as well to give buyers frame of reference when viewing the space they might purchase, our warehouses are stocked and are filled with high-quality furniture with varieties that are suited for buyers style-wise and personality-wise to add on the staging. Our teams in particular are very keen on details when it comes to the architectural style and framework of the home and the consumer’s demographic background to create a design styling that will work with the property and their choices.

Kill Mountain Building Company found a great purpose in decorating and revolutionizing spec homes. We do not just decorate spec homes the way they were modeled or the way they were thought to look like, but we add the right appropriations that would mostly feel like a home to create a connection to potential buyers that they may fall in love with it. We always make sure that we put the family in the middle of it to create a better atmosphere for them and the warmth they would feel as soon as they step into the newly decorated spec home.

The good thing about our staging process is we work in all sorts of budgets in the spectrum making us efficient and budget-friendly. We also know that rooms are the most crucial to staging the good this is we are up-to-date and well equipped when it comes to the latest trends in spec homeroom designing.

As one of the nation’s well-known spec home staging service providers, we ought to bring service and commitment to build a name in the industry and solidify our stand in the field and we are very much thrilled in providing ambient spec homes and top notch designs.