Why You Should Open Your Mind to Open Floor Plans

Traditional floor plans are out; open layouts are in! The modern house has indeed come a long way from the homes you grew up in as a child. Among the many trends in residential architecture today, open-plan spaces are slowly but surely becoming the mainstream option for many homeowners.

If you’re still unsure whether you should do away with separate walls for every room, our list may convince you to switch to this floor plan for your new house:

1. It Brightens Up the Home

Traditional homes tend to spend much more on electricity because not every room receives sufficient natural light. However, if your custom-made home does without the extra interior walls, it will be flooded with as much natural light as you want! 

Since there aren’t as many walls in open floor plans, the sunlight can reach every corner of the space and even brighten all adjoining rooms. With fewer walls and more windows, your custom-made home is sure to feel open and airy while providing a nice view of the outdoors. 

2. It Makes for Easy Hosting and Socializing

Hosting and entertaining guests at home can prove challenging when you keep having to pass through many rooms to meet and talk with them. Going with an open layout eliminates this problem, as it creates a large, welcoming area for socializing!

Having a free-flowing space makes it easier to keep an eye out for your guests and mingle in every common area. Instead of feeling trapped in one room, you and your guests can wander to different places in the home without having to cut the conversation short. When your custom-made home has an open floor plan, you can connect with every guest at the party, even as you’re taking care of the dishes!

3. It Makes Monitoring Kids Effortless

If you’re thinking of building your own home, you may want to consider having an open layout than the traditional floor plan, especially if you are raising small children. As a parent, you need to keep an eye on what your kids are doing to ensure their safety. 

When your home has an open floor plan, it will be much easier to check on your children since no walls are obstructing your view. Gone are the days when you had to feel uneasy and stressed about letting them out of your sight—now, you can watch your children with ease!

4. It Opens Up More Floor Space

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. When it comes to modern homes, what matters the most is how you use the space you have! 

Your custom-made home doesn’t have to be grand, especially if you just live alone. You can still have a beautiful residence that you’re happy about as long as you choose the right floor plan. No matter the amount of your square footage, you can have all the space you need when you remove the extra interior walls.

5. It Improves Your Property Value

If you plan to build your custom-made home for resale or rent to another family in the future, it’s best to choose an open floor plan. An open layout significantly improves the house’s flexibility, efficiency, and spatial aesthetics, thus increasing its value! Since an open floor plan has become one of the most desirable choices for homebuyers, you’ll have an easier time selling your property. 


Whether you’re buying a house or building your own home, don’t forget to add an open floor plan to your list of non-negotiables! Besides being one of the hottest trends on the market right now, homes with open layouts make for a much more comfortable and happy home life. You’ll never want to go back to traditional homes again!

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