Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

What is Kill Mountain Building Co.?

Kill Mountain Building Co. is New Hampshire’s premier private home developer. We offer custom stick homes and modular homes in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Kill Mountain Building Co’s territory helps the surrounding towns such as Newfound Lake, Winnisquam Lake, and the Lake Winnipesaukee districts. Our specialty is developing homes with unique perspectives within New Hampshire’s beautiful lakes and mountains.

Home Building Services In New Hampshire

Here at Kill Mountain Building Co, you will be working side by side with the owner, Larry Kill, New Hampshire best home builder. As of right now you may have your own arrangements, you may have picked out some homes you like on the internet and we can change it to make it your own, or we can draw your new home without any preparation. Kill Mountain Building Co is the home builder in New Hampshire that can transform your thoughts into your unique DREAM RETREAT. Regardless of whether it be your main home or your end of the week escape.

Custom Homes In New Hampshire

We develop private custom home structures, from plans to construction. With 30 years in the business, we tune in to your needs and, at the same time, plan something that accommodates your budget.

Custom Modular Homes In New Hampshire

Kill Mountain Building Co is the region’s approved manufacturer for PBS Modular Homes. This concept has been around for many years; however, recent innovation and quality have tremendously improved as of today.


Unmatched Strength

Prefabricated or Modular homes are manufactured with 1/3 more structural material for premium quality. This helps with the shipping, but more importantly, it also helps create a sturdy structure when put together!

Premium Quality Like No Other

Our building process produces consistent structure procedures, bringing about supreme quality. All of our homes are created in a quality-controlled environment, so when we assemble them, they are always double-checked for quality assurance.

Modular Construction Is Fast

Modular homes are built in 1/3rd of the time expected to develop a custom stick home. This is because they are built inside out of the weather and also because while the home is being manufactured in the plant, we start on your site work and foundation so that when the house is completed at the factory, we are ready for it to be shipped and craned onto the foundation.  This really helps with the short summer season in NH

10-20% Cost Reduction

Since modular homes are developed quicker and worked in a controlled environment, saving money is typical. Put that together with bulk ordering materials, and you could save on average 10 to 20 percent, contingent upon the size and plan of the structure.

Adaptability & Unique Design

Flexibility and complete customization are what we do best! With over 30+ years of experience and our creative thinking process, every home is unique and built the way that you want. Every new modular home is built with sturdiness, unwavering quality, and cost-efficiency in mind.

Unrivaled Products & Service

The modular home building process creates stable structures, bringing about unique quality. Top brand material, trim, and surfaces alongside 30+ years of skilled craftsmanship, guarantee that everything about your new venture lives up to your desires.

Quality Control Is Our Middle Name

We have strict quality control frameworks that comply with state regulations and guidelines. Quality control is performed at each phase of the development procedure to guarantee that every module is consistently up to code. Then, at last, a third-party seal of approval is stamped on each structure before leaving the manufacturing facility.

Excellent Service

Kill Mountain Building Co. has been building homes since 1988. Customer service is where Kill Mountain Building Co. prides itself the most. We walk you through the steps and make the process fun in a stressful time.

50% More Efficiency

Homes are 50% more energy efficient than the model energy codes. Energy codes are standards required by law. We go above and beyond to make sure that you do not only save money on your home when building it but save money for years to come.


Kill Mountain Builders stand behind their homes. Each home is back by a fantastic 10-year structural guarantee. This means that when we build something, it’s there to stay.

We Only Use The Best In The Modular Home Business

Built-up in 2000, Professional Building Systems, Inc. (“PBS”) is the leading maker of measured structures, offering a wide assortment of great, exceptionally assembled items. PBS has approximately 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, comprising two facilities located within one mile of each other, in Middleburg, PA. PBS produces over 1,000 manufactured homes each year, with an average of 60 modular sections (40,000 square feet of structure) per week.

Situated in the core of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, PBS, as of now, utilizes more than 365 experts who have developed from a positive, hard-working attitude. Their numerous long periods of experience, demanding work and commitment is shown through the quality and craftsmanship in the homes they produce.

Experienced Management Teams

The supervisory crew at PBS has included people with 20 to 30 years of experience in the modular home industry. These seasoned veterans have encountered and led the development of straightforward rectangular homes to unique modern modular structures. The sales staff at PBS has a working average of 20 years’ experience in the modular construction and engineering fields, are incredibly knowledgeable, and well versed in the industry’s best practices. Our engineering team is terrific at keeping up with the constant changes in technology, design, and code requirements. They work closely with the sales and production teams to ensure the quality and design of each project meets the expectations of our builders and clients.

New Technologies in 2020

PBS is a leader in new construction technologies, with experience in the sprinkler and HVAC design, structural insulated panels (“SIPs”), solar technology, and both open and closed-cell insulation. This makes the newest technologies available to you!

Quality Assurance Is Our #1 Priority

PBS employs a strict quality control process throughout the production phase of each module. In addition to PBS’s quality control team, a third-party engineering company also makes periodic inspections in the factory to ensure that the modules comply with the approved stamped plans. We produce your customized structure with a wide variety of top quality, name brand materials.

Commercial Structures Are Also Available

Quality, cost, and speed of construction have many builders, developers, and architects looking to PBS to produce their commercial modular structures such as apartment buildings, hotels, offices, college dormitories, condominiums, assisted living facilities, and schools.

PBS offers Green, Energy Efficient, and Certified High-Performance Build packages. The manufacturing process at PBS is also designed to produce an environmentally-friendly product while keeping product waste at a minimum.

Where Is Kill Mountain Builders Co. Located?

Kill Mountain Building Co. is located in Hebron, New Hampshire. Hebron NH sits at the north end of Newfound Lake, the fourth-largest lake in New Hampshire.  


As Always PBS and Kill Mountain Building Co. work hard to stand behind its products and offers superior service while maintaining loyalty like no other. This all adds up to one thing! Giving you a great quality home at an affordable rate. Call Larry at Kill Mountain Building Co. today! +1 (603) 369-2948

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