5 Things to Ask Before Hiring A Custom Home Builder

Custom home builder planning (1)

Many people dream of having their own home. Customizing your residence to your wants and needs means that selecting a builder is vital; you would have to get someone who understands the project and has a rapport with you. Before choosing a contractor, here are a few questions you should ask about them.

Do You Get Along With The Contractor?

You will spend the next six to ten months with your custom home builder. In the greater scheme of things, that is not a long time, but it could feel that much longer if you are working with someone you don’t like. Observe your emotions during the initial meetings. Your feelings will come back as you work, and it is vital to keep personality dynamics into account.

Building a home requires a considerable investment of resources and time. Often, people only have one chance to do what they want with their house. Ensure that your contractor knows how to make you happy—otherwise, you should take your project elsewhere.

Have You Checked This Person’s Previous Work?

Personality cannot be a substitute for quality. Getting along with the builder is only one aspect of having a successful team. You need to be meticulous about vetting their portfolio and asking questions about their work. Even while under scrutiny, good work shines through, and home builders who can deliver will welcome your questions. They will try to put your mind at ease instead of adding to your worries.

Can You Contact This Person Easily?

You cannot flesh out all details before starting the process; concerns inevitably crop up as you build. Get someone who is approachable, someone whom you can consult directly. Custom home builders are busy, but they should also be responsive to clients. If you have unreturned calls and unanswered messages, that is a red flag.

Are They In Good Terms With Subcontractors?

Homes are only as good as the subcontractors who work on them. The contractor cannot do everything, so he has to delegate most handiwork to trusted colleagues. Ask about your prospective builder’s subcontractors. Check how long they have worked together and what types of projects they have collaborated on in the past. Good contractors will have great relationships with the people who work for them.

Are They Well-Respected In Their Field?

You can vet your potential builder before signing them on by checking websites and consumer advocacy groups. Custom home builders do not get as many reviews are food and beverage sellers. However, you can still find reviews and testimonials about builders online. Checking someone’s reputation is not the only way to go, but it is a good entry point in your vetting process.


You will need to work closely with your builder for at least half a year, so you should be particular with whom you work. When you are building your dream home, you might want to rush through the process, but that only hurts you and the structure’s integrity. Start things off on the right foot by having the right people at the helm of your project!

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