Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Building Your Home

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It’s an exciting experience getting to build your new home, but it can also be easily thwarted by poor planning and low budgets. There are so many factors to consider when deciding to build a home. What will it take to build a space that will accommodate your current and future lifestyles? Will you have room for children? These are some of the things you can ask yourself when building your home. By investing in the best contractors’ services and expertise for custom homes, you can be sure to avoid these mistakes when building your home.

Poor Space Planning

Planning is perhaps the most important part of home building since it determines how everything will be positioned and constructed. Decide which spaces are more important than others, depending on your anticipated needs. Does the master bedroom really need that large walk-in closet, or is it better to use that extra space for storage? Should the dining room be bigger than the living room? Understand your requirements and work with your contractor to plan them out properly. This will help you avoid poorly planned layouts later on. 

Not Checking Your HVAC System

Don’t forget to raise the HVAC system’s planning to your house building contractor during planning. If done poorly, it can lead to moisture buildup, mold growth, and health concerns. Be sure to get a unit that is appropriately sized for your home. Too small units won’t cool and heat the home sufficiently, but too large, and you’ll be using more energy than you should be paying for. 

Underutilized Rooms

When planning which rooms will need space in your new house, be discerning about what will actually get a fair amount of use. For instance, a playroom might not be that necessary if your child will only use it for the first few years of being a toddler. Unused rooms often become a dumping ground for stuff nobody wants anymore. If you are going to add extra rooms to the house, then make sure it can easily be transitioned to another room type when the time comes. Sewing rooms that don’t get used up can easily be turned into an office space or a guest room that will get more use. 

Having a Poorly Lit Home

Don’t forget to plan out enough light fixtures when building your own home! Be sure to add enough windows, too, by having one present in every room to let in natural light. By doing so, you’ll save plenty of energy that would otherwise increase your electric bill unnecessarily. 

Being Careless With Room Placement

Laundry Room

There is no one right place to put the laundry room in, but a recommended suggestion is to have it near the bedrooms upstairs. Some might prefer it in the basement. Be sure that its placement will make life easier for you rather than the other way around.


Bedrooms are typically upstairs, but consider placing them on the side of the house that is farthest away from noise pollution and traffic. If you’ve designed a one-level flat house, then the master bedroom should be far away from the central living area. 


Kitchens are best when placed near points of entry for easy access when hauling in groceries. Whether you decide to place it near the front door, garage, or back entrance, it should also be near the dining room area as well. 


People will usually come and go through the garage, especially when wearing soiled clothing or carrying large packages. This is why it should be located on the main level near the mudroom and the kitchen. 


Building the home you’ve always wanted can feel like a dream come true. However, it also takes plenty of hard work and lots of meticulous planning. Working with the right contractor for your dream home can ensure that you don’t miss out on any details when it comes to planning. By having a detailed plan in place that takes into consideration all of your needs for space, you can build a home that is ergonomic, beautiful, and comfortable. Steer clear of these mistakes for the best possible home you can build!

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